• Sonic: Sonic Drilling is an ideal drilling system for sampling. It provides continuous samples of a wide range of soil types, including soils with large particles which are often missed in sampling.
  • Hollow Flight Auger: This system is used for drilling that needs to be filled, creating concrete pillars. The Drill system is hollow allowing it to be filled with concrete as the drill is removed, leaving a concrete pillar in its place.
  • Mud Rotary: Mud Rotary Drilling is used to create a stable hole that can be used for a number of purposes. This is often used to create water wells, or for seismic testing.

Direct Push

  • Direct Push Drilling involves no rotation; the machinery is pushed directly into the ground. This reduces debris and makes certain that samples are uncontaminated.
  • Macro Core Sampling: this system provides some of the most coherent, efficient and consistent samples, eliminating the uncertainty of traditional continuous sampling techniques.
  • Insitu Water Sampling: This provides onsite, continuous water sampling. Allowing testing of groundwater and other environments.

ORC Injection

  • Oxygen Release Compound (ORC) is used frequently in geochemical work. Injections of ORC, often administered using direct push drilling techniques and equipment, help to oxygenate soil, neutralise alien compounds and improve ground quality.

Vacuum Drilling

  • Idea for sampling dry hard clays.
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