What is direct push drilling?

Direct push drilling is a technique that involves driving or pushing equipment directly into the ground, without any rotation. This technique can often provide less contamintated samples, as there is no moving machinery to disrupt the soil.

What is sonic drilling?

Sonic drilling machinery is equipped with a vibrating drill bit. The vibrations (which are often within the range of human hearing) cause the surrounding soil to soften, easing the drill's entry. The reduced friction caused by this technique allows penetration of extremely hard surfaces.

What is environmental sampling, and why is it necessary?

Environmental sampling is used in many different situations - assessing the suitability of a site for use in building or development, trying to determine the extent of ecological damage, or to gain information on overall environmental quality. Samples of a particular environment (soil, water, plantlife, etc) are taken and analysed for contamination, quality and other factors. The results are then compiled and used to form an overall picture of a site's condition.

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